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Amie joined Capita in October 2017 as a recruitment consultant before moving into the marketing team in January 2023. She’s currently Marketing Partnerships Manager for the British Army partnering project. Her favourite part of the role is raising awareness of the opportunities the Army offers, from myth-busting and educating on the financial benefits of joining the Army, to highlighting the apprenticeships and further education opportunities available.

"I began my career back in 2012, and it has taken me until now to secure a job that I am truly passionate about and thoroughly enjoy. A valuable lesson I have learned through my experience with Capita is that dedication and hard work will propel you forward in your career."


A huge diversity of roles and opportunities


The primary obstacle our marketing team faces is the misconceptions surrounding the Army, coupled with a lack of awareness regarding the multitude of incredible opportunities it provides. These misconceptions often stem from outdated stereotypes and misinformation that have been perpetuated over time. Many people still hold onto the belief that the Army is solely focused on combat and warfare and fail to recognise the incredible and diverse range of roles and career paths available within the organisation. Many people are unaware of the diverse career fields, such as healthcare, engineering, technology, logistics, and administration that exist within the organisation. The Army provides individuals with the chance to work in cutting-edge fields, utilising advanced technologies and making a significant impact in various sectors. Duct tape, cargo pants and canned food are only a few examples on a long list of things that exist today because of military ingenuity.


A rewarding career


We employ targeted marketing campaigns that highlight the diverse career paths, educational benefits, and personal growth opportunities available within the Army. By showcasing real-life success stories and testimonials from Army personnel, we aim to challenge the prevailing misconceptions and inspire individuals to consider the Army as a viable and rewarding career option.

Additionally, we actively engage with communities, educational institutions, and career fairs to provide accurate information and answer any questions or concerns individuals may have. By fostering open and transparent communication, we aim to address misconceptions head-on and provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the Army's offerings.


A new career path


Capita and the marketing team have been incredibly supportive, offering me various opportunities to join and grow within the team despite my lack of marketing experience. They have encouraged me to express my creativity through different channels such as online virtual events, email communications, and social media. Additionally, Capita has granted me the flexibility to work from home 90% of the time, allowing for a healthy work-life balance. Being a part of this amazing team has not only allowed me to learn on the job but has also provided me with the opportunity to undergo funded training courses, that will further enhance my skills and contribute to my role. Recently, I had the privilege of completing a fully paid training course through CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), which marks just the beginning of my professional journey with Capita.


Going from strength to strength


Over the past year, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, thanks to the team's support. I have never encountered such a supportive group before, where no question is considered trivial, and I never hesitate to seek clarification. Sarah Hiorns, our Head of Social Media, has played a significant role in my professional growth. Since day one, she has taken me under her wing, addressing my queries, guiding me through the intricacies of our work, and always being available for assistance.Looking to the futureOver the course of 15 months, I have experienced a remarkably positive year. Throughout this time, I have established valuable connections with various educational organisations including Amazing Apprenticeships, Unifrog, Careermap, and Success at School. These partnerships have played a crucial role in spreading awareness about the exceptional opportunities available within the Army by sharing relevant content with their respective audiences. While it is inevitable that myths and misconceptions will persist, I firmly believe that through the support of these partnerships, we are gradually emphasising the key messages to a diverse range of audiences, including our primary target audience, parents, schools, and colleges.




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