The Armed Forces Community

Registering with BFRS is completely free and has many benefits, including the ability to set up your Job Seekers Profile with CVs, access to 100s of companies that BFRS work with. Jobs and Courses Boards which are updated daily, which are targeted at the Armed Forces Community. Weekly webinar/workshops that range from CV advice, mortgage advice, interview techniques. Access to Employment Events, Recruitment Days, Company Insight Days and much more.

Join the thousands before you, who have benefited from the British Forces Resettlement Services.

Employment Events, Recruitment Days, Company Insight Days

BFRS works as the focal point between the Armed Forces Community and commercial businesses, helping the AFC to engage digitally and in person with companies across the UK and enhancing their transition back into Civvy Street and from career to career.

Job and Course Boards

BFRS Job & Course Boards are updated daily, to provide you with the most current vacancies and courses opportunities 24/7. These specifically selected, with the Armed Forces Community in mind.

Armed Forces Community Web Conferencing

BFRS Armed Forces Community Web Conferencing is an online service by which companies working with BFRS can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations and trainings via the BFRS Platform, to support Service Leavers, Reserve Forces, Forces Families and Veterans.

BFRS Forces Friendly Companies

Each company that works with BFRS will have their own, branded mini recruitment website with a virtual stand, which is designed to be engaging, on demand, interactive and to deliver results through call to actions.


Speak with the professionals who have been assisting the Armed Forces with their CV's for many years. Learn the process of building the CV, and the importance of the information you put in it.


Complete your own personal profile, sell yourself to potential employers. This is your opportunity to write details about yourself that will attract companies and lead to possible interviews and employment. You also have the ability to upload three CV's tailored to your preferred sectors.


Sign up for weekly job and course alerts tailored to your preferred industry sectors and also recieve monthly newsletters. These contain a short brief delievered straight to your inbox so you never miss an opportunity.