Woodland Xperiences

Woodland Xperiences

Embrace your past – pursue your future – let your adventure begin.

Woodland Xperiences is founded by a veteran who profoundly believes in the recuperative and therapeutic power of getting back to nature with woodland and adventurous activities on land and water.

Outdoor learning and its environment has a proven effect in relieving stress, anxiety and other medical conditions brought on from various exposures to our modern lifestyles and careers. The team at Woodland Xeriences would like to share their knowledge, experiences and skills with others, so that they may also benefit from the outdoors through woodland and adventurous based activities.

These Eco Adventure Therapy based activity camps, support veterans, serving personnel and their families, providing participants the opportunity and assistance with Post Traumatic Growth. 

"While throwing axes my mind was taken away from current issues" - Veteran Review. 


Camps are located  at a breath talking venue with amazing veteran support. Frank and his family have allowed Woodland Xperiences to set up camp and run their camps in memory of Caz, other fallen soldiers and those that struggle now -  "Out of the Dark came light out of the light came Strength". Piper Hole farm is a working farm so be prepared for the usual farm yard sights ect,,sheep, goats, chickens, rescue donkies and a pony (biscuit) all great for family camps and plenty of help required for veterans or families to muck in, all voluntary of course.


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