VIVO Defence Sponsor Army Hockey Team

VIVO Defence Proudly Sponsor Army Hockey Team


When it comes to supporting the Armed Forces Community (AFC)  there is so much more you can do other than just offer a job. There are many other ways in which charities and companies alike support serving members besides helping with their transition to civvy life and that is just what BFRS members VIVO Defence Services have been doing.


Because they are now the proud sponsors of the Army Hockey team!


The Army Hockey Association was founded in 1908 to promote, develop and encourage indoor and outdoor hockey for Army personnel of all ranks and at all levels. The Army has 3 Men’s teams; Senior, Masters and U25 and 2 Women’s teams; Senior and Masters. The Army teams compete regularly at Inter Service and national level as well as overseas.


We commend VIVO Defence Services on the valuable ongoing support they offer the Armed Forces Community (AFC).


VIVO Defence Services on their sponsorship:

“we believe social value and social impact are of equal importance. We aim to support teams, projects and programmes whose work has the potential to cause material impacts on people – positive and negative, direct and indirect – particularly our local communities.”

“We are therefore proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Army Hockey team.”


Our Perspective:

With BFRS being an organisation that also sponsors a sports team we are happy to see more companies take an interest in the external activities they particapate in. We sponsor a Garrison Football team that has a mix of veterans and serving personnel, The Catterick Garrison Football Club.

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