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Veterans In Need is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of veterans who have served our country. Their mission is to provide assistance to those who have bravely served in the military and their families, who may be facing financial, emotional, or physical challenges. With a team of dedicated volunteers and staff, Veterans In Need works tirelessly to ensure that every veteran receives the support they need to live a fulfilling and successful life after their service. From providing housing and healthcare to job training and counselling services, this organization is committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of our nation's heroes.


With such a wide range of services available it is important to us to share about them and make our audience aware of what they may be entitled to. We’ll be taking you through everything they have to offer and the potential ways you could get involved and help those who need it.


Their Home page is a one stop shop for all of their support services. From this page you can see the other organisations they partner with, the main causes they are trying to push forward and many different ways you can help those around you. With a highlight on homelessness, disability aid and suicide prevention there is something for everyone who needs it. Here at BFRS we believe strongly in these causes and being a company created by veterans we have nothing but respect for the people behind Veterans In Need.


About Veterans In Need: ABOUT-US

“Veterans In Need, is the number one Help & Information Website in the United Kingdom, for members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and Families.  We are working in conjunction with Forces Online Charity and other organisations that support the Armed Forces community.  All excess funds that are raised through Advertising and any other activities, go to charity, Veterans In Need is a Non-Profit organisation.”

“The Website was founded and set up by Mike Clarke Snr, a disabled Veteran with almost 25 years Army service.  It is designed to help and assist everyone from Veterans, Families, Businesses & those in the communities up & down the Country. The Website offers fantastic Advertising space for everyone including small businesses, so consider getting in touch using our Contact-Us page."

“Please be aware, we are not fully trained counsellors & would not pretend to be, but we have service & life experiences that enable us to point you in the right direction. The information and documents we have put on the website, including Application Forms for Housing, will make life much better for all, especially for those who are unaware of where to find them on the internet. Hopefully, it will go some way to alleviating some of the many problems causing Mental Health issues, like finding help for Accommodation, Abuse, Support, Counselling and Companionship.”


This one of many daunting tasks all service members have to go through when deciding to leave the military and with so many factors to consider it gets more and more stressful for our service leavers. That’s why Veterans in need have created a Resettlement Page which covers a wide range of potential services, schemes and benefits you will be entitled to, and we recommend you use as many as you are eligible for! From the requirements needed for you to receive the resettlement leave to re-location, housing and accommodation. Be sure to visit the page…


Supporting Forces Ran Businesses:

There are a wide range of organisations out there that not only support members of the Armed Forces Community but are ran and operated by service leavers and their families so if you’re interested in using these businesses, Veterans In Need have one of the biggest selections out there. They have a dedicated page for highlighting these businesses while providing descriptions, contact details and even links to their social media. This website truly is for the Armed Forces and treats all of places they promote with a great level of respect, from Barbers to Flying Lesson all the way to Veteran Wood Carvings. To explore the wide range of Forces Businesses, follow this link… 


All Around Support For Service Members:

Those in the Armed Forces can face a variety of difficulties everyday both while serving and after they have resettled. These issues are all important to raise awareness of and a lot of the time the AFC don’t know where to find the support they need and that’s why Veterans In Need have collated all of the information they could source into one convenient place. Whether you’re looking for Mental Health services from medical professionals or addiction and rehab support to help you get back on the right track. The fact they have taken the time to find such a wide range of Armed Forces support is commendable and since it is free for all to view, we couldn’t recommend it more! Check out all services available here…

Housing and Families:

Having briefly covered these topics earlier it is clearly one of the most important and crucial parts of the resettlement process as everyone needs a place to live. The fact that this is something that needs awareness is shocking and should be a priority to everyone because whether you have served or not, having a roof over your head and a warm place to sleep is important to everyone. The amount of council and housing associations available can be overwhelming but taking the time to find your local areas and look into all of the options open to you is a great first step, unfortunately there is never a guarantee but ensuring you keep the conversation open and don’t allow yourself or your family to be left without shelter is key. Here is the list of Housing Associations…


This page is only a brief coverage of everything available of their website which has hours and hours of documents, services and links that will give you a full understanding of the support available to service members. It may take some time but as long as you stay dedicated and do the work necessary you will receive the help you need.


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