Venture Security - Military Transition Success Story

Venture Security Management – Military Success Story

A Q&A with Otis, a veteran of the British Army now working as a Mobile Patrol Officer for Venture Security.


How did you first get into working in security?

Before joining Venture, I was a soldier in the British Armed Forces. It started out as a second job, while I was still in the army. I’m originally from Jamaica, where we’d rather be working than sitting at home! I met someone who worked at Venture and they inspired me to find out more. I went on to do my SIA license and then applied to join the company.


What is a typical shift like?

My shift starts at 6pm, when I’ll go to the office to pick up my van and briefing instructions. I’ll do a thorough check of the vehicle before setting off to my first location.

Throughout the night I carry out a range of tasks. Venture holds keys for a number of customers in Andover, Salisbury, Winchester and the wider area and one of my roles is locks and unlocks, which means I’m responsible for locking up client premises and ensuring their sites are secure.

I also conduct mobile patrols at random times throughout the night and early morning, where I provide a security presence on site and check boundaries and buildings for anything suspicious, any signs of forced entry or other potential issues. For example, windows that have been left open and burst pipes.

I also provide alarm response, so I may be called out to attend a client site in the event of a fire alarm or alarm activation. Sometimes this is alongside the emergency services and other members of the Venture team, depending on the scale and type of incident.

The client will receive a report, detailing anything found and the action taken. This often includes photos I’ve taken of the site and any issues I spot. In the case of a serious incident, they will also be called by the head office team and alerted to the problem.


What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibility is to help protect client premises. I will look out for anything that may be wrong, or a potential risk that needs addressing. My presence on site can also deter any would-be criminals from attempting anything.

If there is an issue, I know my manager is always on the end of the phone, no matter what time it may be. While I may be working independently, I am part of a close-knit team and that’s something I really value.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I like that I’m working independently. I get my brief and can just get on with it, but I know back up is always there if I need it. Even if I just have a question about something I can call my manager at any time and we’ll make a decision together. They are very supportive.

Coming from a military background, I feel right at home in this job. Venture is a nice company to work for, with good perks and bonuses. They really appreciate everything you do and in an emergency you can call and they’ll always help you.

Having time by myself is great too. I’ll like to drive in my van listening to music – I just love rock and roll!!


What qualities do you think it takes to work in security?

Having strong observation skills is essential. You need to be very good at looking, listening and analysing a situation, to get the information you need. You also need to be able to retain the information and recall. Again, with my military background I already had good skills in this area.

It’s also important that you are reliable – that you turn up on time, in the right kit and can be trusted to get on with the job you’re being paid to do.


What would be your advice for anyone thinking of applying to work at Venture?

Teamwork is a big part of working at Venture. It’s a family run business and it doesn’t matter what colour or creed you may be, everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Everyone I meet, I tell them: ‘Listen, Venture is one of the best companies to work for.’

I’ve been here more than 9 years and have no intention of leaving. I love the job and the company.


To find out more information about the opportunities that Venture Security have for the Armed Forces community, visit their virtual stand on our website by clicking here: