TIB Success Story - Jackie Shove

TIB Success Story - Jackie Shove

Prior to working for TIB, Jackie was in the Royal Air Force

Below is a Q&A with Jackie about her transition from the RAF in to working for TIB.


What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work supporting schools?

The most rewarding aspects are being able to offer the schools the flexibility and skills they need, when they need it, whilst constantly challenging myself to learn new skills.


How does TIB work fit alongside your other commitments (i.e. family, other work, hobbies etc)?

I share my assignment with another worker so working a week on and week off. Great!


Why would you recommend TIB work to suitable friends and former colleagues?

I would recommend TIB to others due to the flexibility and there is no pressure to accept an assignment. They are fully supportive when starting and working with a new school. They are totally trustworthy and responsive to questions, also supportive with ongoing training. 


Describe your experience of the school teams that you have worked alongside.

Working for TIB means I keep the flexibility as I can still have time off if I need it and my colleague will cover me. Both schools I've supported have appreciated the hard work we do to keep the schools running. 


Do you feel that you are making a difference to the schools you have supported? 

I’ve received amazing feedback from the staff about being happy and helpful. The first school were adamant they didn't want us to leave, but the management wanted a permanent member of staff which is understandable. At our current school we both receive lots of positive feedback and can tell our work is appreciated and we feel supported. I fully recommend this as a second career with this company. I've worked for TIB for two years now and have never looked back. 


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