Site Equips' 2023 Charity Choice

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BFRS is proud to share that our partner, Site Equip, has chosen their charity of the year for 2023, which is Young Lives vs Cancer!


Being a Social Enterprise, we think it is very important to have a cause to support and this is one that we believe in. No matter your occupation or whether you have served or not this is something that can affect everyone.


Young Lives vs Cancer provide support to those under 25 with cancer and their families. Young Lives vs Cancer support many young people and their families in many ways, such as financial grants, being a listening ear or helping them with paperwork. The main way they support families is with their support workers in conjunction with running charity homes across the UK. The closest specialist hospital in Hampshire is ‘Jean’s House’ in Southampton. This is a 7-bed home for families to stay in FOC to be close to the hospital.


Young Lives vs Cancer Facts:

In 2022, Young Lives vs Cancer supported 174 children and young people with cancer and their families in Hampshire. They gave 118 grants to the value of £22,000 to help young people and their families with the huge financial impact of cancer.


The following gives an indication of what donations could do to support young people and their families:

£430 could pay for their information service for a day which is essential! It means Young Lives vs Cancer can provide young people and their families with vital information to help them cope with the significant impact of cancer on their lives.


£821 could pay for a Young Lives vs Cancer social worker for a week. Their social workers will aim to meet with young cancer patients and their families soon after diagnosis. This helps them to understand and cope with all of the effects of cancer, through treatment and beyond.


£1,140 could pay for a family to stay a month in one of our Homes from Home. They provide free self-catering accommodation near to specialist children’s cancer treatment centers, which are often many miles from a family’s own home.


“As part of our partnership Site Equip pledge to provide Young Lives vs Cancer with free toilet hire for 2023, fundraise for them throughout the year, and provide 1 paid day of volunteering for our Site Equip employees.”


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