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From the Army, to BFRS, to OPS Training

We couldn’t be prouder of the story we’re about to share as it is the prime example of what a BFRS Careers Fairs can be. Seeing someone go through the step-by-step process of their resettlement and having a clear vision of what they wanted their civilian life to be like is incredible.


Mosese’s Story:

“Thursday 7th April 2022, I walked in to Catterick Leisure Centre to attend the British Forces Resettlement Services Careers Fair, a month after I put in my Notice to Terminate from the Army, with a clear perspective of my direction of travel that I needed to head towards for my new career venture.”

“As I entered, I came across this bright green coloured decorated stand with two gentlemen. After a good few minutes of conversing with both of them. I realised that they knew exactly the journey that I’m about to undertake as they themselves have been down that route with their full services to the RAF for Rick Ward and Army for Gary Paterson.”

“Even though work wasn’t guaranteed on completion of GWO courses. I decided still to go with OPS Wind / OPS Training / Offshore Painting Services Ltd and stayed in contact with the two Veterans.”

“Fast forward 11 months, I’ve signed a full time contract with OPS Wind / OPS Training / Offshore Painting Services Ltd , received all my kit and PPE, all relevant authorisation paper work and pre-requisites trainings completed, boarding manifest received and company hire car parked outside, packed and ready to hit the road . The only thing left now is to enjoy my last night at home with the family , before heading to Montrose Port to board the Acta Centaurus (Service Operations Vessel) which will be home for me for the next 2 weeks operating with the Commissioning Team at Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm.”

“These two Gentleman have gone above and beyond to get me through this door. But I know for certain that they were not the only one, and that there were others, most of them,I am connected with on this platform who did contributed towards this positive outcome. So, from me and my young family, VINAKA VAKALEVU OPS family.”

“A Great feeling and indeed, very Proud of this achievement but most importantly, humble and thankful to the one above and to be onboard.”


A big thank you to Mosese and OPS Training for their support of BFRS and the services we provide. If you have a similar story feel free to reach out to us because we’d love to highlight your journey because you never know who could benefit from your advice!


Please have a read of his original post here…


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