Ops Training - Success Story

Ops Training – Success Story

From Royal Marine Commando to OPS Wind Turbine Technician


Meet David, he is just one example of the many ex-service personnel who have successfully transitioned from serving his country to saving the world – quite literally.

Having left the Royal Marines after 14-years of service, he extensively researched his next career move, which was to join the many others helping to save the planet through renewable energy, in particular, the wind industry.

David realised his military skills and experience would be useful within the wind industry, but first he would need to obtain suitable qualifications to validate his competency and ensure his safety while working offshore on a windfarm. He came across GWO (Global Wind Organisation), which is the worldwide regulatory authority for the wind industry.

While checking the GWO website for suitable accredited UK-based training providers, David noticed OPS-Training, a division of OPS-Wind, who not only provide a full range of GWO and other accredited training courses (such as IRATA), but have successfully completed over 200 projects on more than 4500 assets across 4 continents, deploying their technicians throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. It was this combination of first-class training and project deployment, with the OPS commitment to Safety, Quality and Satisfaction, which attracted David to contact them.

Having done so, he was encouraged not only to undertake the 5-mandatory BST Modules, but also play to his strengths gained within the military and complete the BTT as well.

David recognised that investing less than 3-weeks of his time, supported by the dedicated and professional team at OPS, he could easily transition into the wind industry. While undertaking the GWO training, David immersed himself into the various courses, talking with the instructors and other OPS personnel, gaining an insight into the industry and the opportunities available, all while applying his military knowledge and experience to demonstrate his capabilities.

Upon completion of the courses David was interviewed by the OPS Head of Operations and was successful in securing his first role as a WT technician within days of qualifying.


He is not alone in realising this opportunity; do you have what it takes?


Original Source: https://www.ops-training.co.uk/careers-wind-turbine-technician/

To find out more information about the opportunities that Ops Training have for the Armed Forces community, visit their virtual stand on our website by clicking here:  https://bfrss.org.uk/profiles/companies/93702/