Navy Veteran Testimony

Navy Veteran Resettlement Testimony


Jonathan Pearce-Bould served in the Royal Navy for over 30 years performing a variety of engineering roles. Then in July of 2022 he decided to complete his resettlement journey and officially leave the Armed Forces, which isn’t an easy task for anyone.


“6 months post transition to civilian life from the Royal Navy and life continues at a buoyant pace, excuse the pun.”


To transition from the Military to Civvy Street is a daunting task for anyone, no matter how long you have served, but it’s important for you to realise that the skills and experience you have gained is invaluable in the civilian world.


Here is some advice from Jonathan for when you decide to start your resettlement journey:

“There is an immense amount of opportunity outside the main gate. For those veterans & veterans desig who continue to doubt their skills and the value you can add, embrace your network and beyond and decisions will come. Some will even be overwhelmingly family, logistically and socially supported by real eye-opening and empowering opportunities.”

“I know it’s easier said than done and the mental challenge for us all to cut the umbilical to the Service we all joined is herculean. But you can and will smash it! There’s nothing stopping you opening the memory box from time to time to refresh other great times, but there are many more ahead! So crack on and if in doubt pull up a bollard with an oppo and put the world to rights!”


Learning to embrace all parts of your Military experience can be tough but doing so will be the starting point to ensuring you resettle into a job or career that you can be proud of and that utilises all of those core skills you have learnt.


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