NASC President Makes the Top 100

‘NASC President Makes the Top 100’


NASC President Lynn Way has been named as one of the Top 100 most influential Women in Construction in a booklet, published by National Federation of Builders (NFB).


Congratulations Lynn! 🎉


Lynn and NASC as a whole have always strived to revolutionise the construction industry and we at BFRS recognise this drive and all it has done for Scaffolding sector. They are a company with strong and diverse values which creates a work environment where everyone can thrive.


Some words from Lynn herself:

 “Over the years I never thought I would ever be President of a trade association. This, I feel is a massive achievement for not only a woman but also for being located in the depths of West Cornwall. I first got into construction when my brother asked me to run his office. With the help from my brothers, I progressed onto site visits. I trained and became an accountant. I am also the company secretary and now financial director. I trained within the company to achieve my NVQ5 in Business Management whilst working full time. I have been a senior manager for over 20 years and have helped scaffolders achieve their qualifications.”


“I have been the voice of the scaffolding industry by becoming the first women to be a Regional Chair, on Council and then a Non-Exec director of the NASC. I then also became Senior Group Advisor for the CLC.”


A well-deserved spotlight for a woman who has always shown her support for the AFC. With NASC being a main sponsor of BFRS and our Military2Construction Insight Days, they continue to show who they are and what they stand for…


Want your chance to join an open and friendly company, that’ll embrace who you are and where you come from? Then follow this link to their online stand and explore the opportunities…


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