Military Relief in Turkey

Humanitarian Aid For Turkey

We are sending our best wishes to all of those affected by the earthquake in Turkey!


On February 6th 2023 a magnitude 7.8 quake struck southern Turkey and the whole world took to action. This tragic event sadly took the lives of over 46,000 people including footballer Christian Atsu.

The earthquake, which hit near the town of Gaziantep, was closely followed by numerous aftershocks - including one quake which was almost as large as the first. This is an area that hadn’t had a major quake in over 200 years and with no warning signs this meant preparations weren’t in place for tremor of this size.


An incident like this means we have to work together and do what we can to support the people of Turkey and the British Military has been doing this tenfold, with multiple regiments heading into the eye of the storm to join the relief efforts. Providing a wide array of services from highly intensive operations for the critically injured to inhaler tutorials for those who have breathing difficulties. They are working around the clock to provide the best care they can with the resources available.


Here are some words from the MOD about the 16 Medical Regiment’s efforts and goals:

“The Colchester-based 16 Medical Regiment, supported by personnel from the RAF’s Tactical Medical Wing, flew into the country to set up a medical treatment facility in Turkoglu, close to the earthquake’s epicentre. Staffed by military clinicians, it provides a surgical capability with two intensive care beds, 16 low dependency beds, two GP-led primary healthcare teams, and a field mental health nurse. 16 Medical Regiment’s core role is to provide medical support to 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team, the British Army’s global response force.”


They aren’t the only ones as the 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team who are the British Army’s global response force are also providing resource support as they deliver the necessary equipment and supplies to the affected areas, These supplies range from medical equipment to tents and thermal blankets.


The MOD continues:

“The military’s contribution to the UK Government’s response to the earthquake is being led by Joint Force Headquarters, with a specialist team deployed to support the British Embassy in Ankara with expertise in operational delivery, logistics and communications. Humanitarian aid, including tents and thermal blankets, has already been delivered, with an RAF Critical Care Air Support Team providing the ability to move critically ill patients by air in a C130 Hercules.”


Every branch of the British Armed Forces is doing their part to deliver the best possible support they can, and we have to thank them for their tireless efforts. Being able to come together for a common goal proves the world isn’t divided and we can all do our part in order to make the world a better place. The journey isn’t over however as the day to day lives of those in Turkey will be affected for the foreseeable future so be sure to show your support in anyway you can whether that be raising awareness, fundraising, or donating to a verified source.


To stay on top of what the UK Military is doing in Turkey, check the Ministry Of Defence Website…


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