Kings Secure Technologies Veteran Success

Kings Secure Technologies Veteran Success 

From Electronic Technician to Design Engineer, Andy Served in the Royal Signals for 15 years before joining BFRS members Kings Secure Technologies.

Below is a Q&A with Andy all about his transition and how he found success in security.  


Tell us about your resettlement/transition experience...

Back then there wasn’t too much support with what to expect when leaving the Army & joining civvy street, but having met people who have left more recently I believe it is much better now. 

I suspect it has evolved massively since my time (left in 1999) but back then I had the opportunity for a fully paid week’s course of my choosing and car hire for interviews (was in NI at the time) plus general interview assistance. 


What advice would you give to the Armed Force Community about their transition journey? 

I left school & joined the Army as an apprentice so when I left some 15 years later, I had no idea what to expect in a civilian work environment.  It is different…..very, very different. 

I would suggest using any free time offered before an actual leaving date as an opportunity to do some work experience for a week or two. 

I would recommend Kings as not only is it a fantastic company, but it also has its fair share of ex-forces personnel which would definitely assist those transitioning. 

The one undeniable fact is that it’s a shock – I don’t think anyone can be fully prepared but having people around you that understand what you’re going through is invaluable. 


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