Jacobs Enforcement - Transition Success Story

Jacobs Enforcement – Military Transition Success Story

Dale Joined Jacobs Enforcement in September 2020 


“I joined the Royal Dragoon Guards back in 2005 as an AFV armoured crewman. I completed a total of 15 years in the military and during that time I learnt many skills and traits which have been adaptable an played a key role into a successful start as an Enforcement Agent at Jacobs.  

Military life built me into a confident person enhancing my ability to speak, listen and deal with people on a daily basis.  

I also learnt how to become adaptable, something which is needed from door to door, as no situation is the same as many cases need to be dealt with in a different manner in order to get the best outcome.  

Working under pressure, something I had instilled in me from military life, has played a key part in helping me to become a good Enforcement Agent, I thrive off the pressure and the targets, particularly as they come with such lucrative bonuses” 


To find out more information about the opportunities Jacobs Enforcement have for the Armed Forces community, visit their virtual stand on our website by clicking here: Jacobs Enforcement