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New Introductions!


Firstly, welcome to our blog, we're delighted that you have decided to join us on this space. We'll be using this platform to provide you with frequent updates about BFRS, industry news, military life, interviews and case studies from members of the #ArmedForcesCommunity in their transition in to civvy life.

It seems like a logical place to start by explaining a bit about who we are and why we do the work that we do!


About us:

We're British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS), a Social Enterprise, Community Interest Company, working for the Armed Forces Community (AFC). Our mission is to ensure that the AFC are in no way disadvantaged as a result of their service and sacrifice for our country. We believe that the AFC possess many invaluable and transferable skills that they acquired during their service and we work with many companies who share this understanding and, as a result, want to provide opportunities to the AFC, whether this be job opportunities, training courses and career advice.

A sizable part of what we do is run and host Careers Fairs for the AFC throughout the year across the country, whether this be a BFRS own event or Company Recruitment days. In addition to our face-to-face events, we have a fantastic online recruitment platform consisting of job boards, virtual recruitment stands and various different ways of putting you, the AFC, in touch with organisations who recognise how fantastic you are! So if you’re unable to attend one of our events in person, you'll still able to see the sizable number of fantastic companies we work with online, and explore what opportunities these organisations have available for you nationwide and across the globe.

We're a fairly small (but well proportioned) team, ranging from Business Development to Attraction, Events, Marketing and Admin roles. Nearly half of our team are ex-forces members themselves, meaning we truly understand the highs and lows of transitioning in to civvy life. A few members of the team will be sharing some of their own advice and memories from their time in service, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a BFRS first-hand account of transitional life!

Over the course of the first few weeks of our blogs, you'll get to know more about the team working behind the scenes here at BFRS, what it is they do day to day and their experience of the Armed Forces. We'll also be sharing success stories and advice from members of the AFC, as well as industry hints and tips from the many companies we work with.


That's us in a nutshell! If you want to find out more about the work we do or want to speak to a member of the team, get in touch using the contact information below.


Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms ( BFRS on Facebook, BFRS on Twitter, BFRS on LinkedIn, BFRS on YouTube, BFRS on Instagram) to keep up to date with the latest BFRS news.

Join us for our next Blog where we will be sharing a veteran’s advice for the transition from Military life to the civilian workplace!