FTX Logistics - Military Case Study

FTX Logistics - Military Success Story 

Jonathan Candler at FTX Logistics shares his experience as an FTX Sponsored Reserve.


Here are some words from Jonathan about his journey:

"I am employed as an FTX Maintainer, working on the impressive 8×8 700HP Oshkosh 1070F tractor and King GTS100 7 axle trailer."

"This is a commercial HGV mechanic role which requires me to carry out inspections, repair, and service vehicles from the Bulford based workshop. In addition, I support HET tasking across the country, moving a variety of large and interesting military equipment and ensuring any issues or breakdowns are dealt with quickly and professionally."

"A convoy of HETs with each train weighting up to 118tons certainly is a head turner and a point of interest for the public, so professionalism and safety is always paramount to our success on the ground. There is a definite sense of pride in being involved in these convoys that relates to both what we are accomplishing, and the role I am playing ensuring it is a success."

"I started as a Sponsored Reserve within FTX in 2014, following successful completion of my reservist training at ATC Pirbright. Being a Reservist is the other part of the FTX Maintainer job. Whilst this was a new and daunting process, as I’d not been involved with the military before, I soon felt at home and had made good friends with a broad range of fellow recruits, each bringing their own life experiences and sense of humour. This training gave me a great foundation to build from."

"Since starting I have been fortunate enough to have been provided with some amazing and challenging opportunities. I have developed my military and commercial technical abilities through spending time at Bordon camp, where I competed several courses such as the military vehicle inspector and  crane operator courses, each one developing me and allowing me to become more of an asset to FTX."

"I have experienced multiple UK exercises, applied my skills and furthered my development with other Reserve and Regular soldiers. Alongside UK activities, I’ve been fortunate enough to deploy overseas to multiple locations including Germany and Estonia."


He continues:

"My time to Estonia as part of NATO forces was both a rewarding and challenging experience. It was a real test of character, lying on my back in the snow fixing equipment with limited resources; however, it allowed me to put my courses into practice and develop confidence and ability in overcoming problems you might not normally have the opportunity to deal with."  

"Throughout the deployment I met and made friends with many people, experienced the amazing activities and sights of Estonia and developed my skills as a FTX Sponsored Reserve."

"In addition to the ‘green’ opportunities, I have been fortunate enough to do amazing things within military sports. I have thrived within both cricket and motor racing."

"Since 2015 I have been part of the REME cricket team, which has provided opportunities for me to travel all over the world to play the sport that I love. I have played in the UK, Spain, Cyprus, New Zealand and most recently on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. These locations have been home to preseason training camps, allowing us to play in different climates and play some exceptionally talented (and fierce) opposition."

"In New Zealand my team represented the UK Armed Forces and we played matches against the NZ Army, Air Force and Navy.  More recently in 2022 (on the St Lucia tour) we played the West Indies u19 international team. This was a substantial test of all our skills."

"Partnered with playing cricket in these amazing locations, I have also been able to fulfil a dream of exploring my potential within motor racing. This has merged well into my military role as I now compete in the armed forces race challenge, where in 2021 I was crowned series champion."

"The Sponsored Reserve role in FTX really is the full package.  I have had so many amazing opportunities, worked all over the world and have experiences interesting and diverse work everywhere I have been. The only question now is ….. what’s next?"


To find out more information about the opportunities FTX Logistics have for the Armed Forces community, visit their virtual stand on our website by clicking here: FTX Logistics (bfrss.org.uk)