February 2023 Reflection

A Month In Review – February

February is a month of transition as It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The days will grow longer, and the weather starts to warm up. It's a time of reflection, as we look back on the month and take stock of our progress. The three words we would use to describe what happened throughout the month is events, events, events! Not only did we have our own BFRS National Careers Fair in Aldershot but several of our employees ventured across the country to attend a variety of networking and insight days. Not to forget the important awareness days and what we do to ensure inclusion on all fronts.

Staff members Leah and Arwen headed off to Liverpool to attend the RNRM Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference on the 8th February. Whilst there they took the chance to explore several of Liverpool’s hotspots and military sites to get a full breadth of what the city had to offer. At the event they gained a great insight to the current state of support services available to those in the services and the ways they can be improved. With Keynote speeches from Capt Jon White RM from The Royal Marines Charity and Break-Out sessions covering topics such as issues like self-harm and addiction to positivity through exercise. This was an amazing experience for our two young representatives who upheld the BFRS brand and got the chance to professionally network with a wide range of people. Well done you two!

Next up was our first National Careers Fair of the year which was held in Aldershot on the 16th. This event hosted over 70 forces friendly organisations who were eager to share their opportunities with over 400 attendees on the day. To read in depth about the build up to the event and how the day went read our full blog page covering the event…

After a very successful Aldershot  Careers Fair we are looking forward to our next Careers Fair in Catterick on March 30th. Time never stops here as one event ends another begins and like cogs turning in a machine the whole office is doing their part to ensure we put on the best experience for all of those attending and exhibiting. It starts with our Engagement Team spreading the word around the local areas, the Business Development Team ensuring the hall is filled with a brilliant variety of companies and the Marketing Team connecting with the AFC to inform them of all of the opportunities available.

We can’t wait to see you there so make sure you tell us you’re coming!         

To cap off the month we had team members Dominic and Julie exhibit at Carlisle Support Services’ Innovation Lab 2023. This networking event was a one stop shop to learn many of the ways organisations are pushing technology and advancements within their field. From robot dogs to super vacuums the amount of innovation shown is simply incredible!

They also got the chance to make the wider business community aware of BFRS and all of the work we do for the Armed Forces Community (AFC). A brilliant day was had by both and after packing away the stand and beginning the journey home unfortunately their vehicle decided to break down part way into the journey, so much for technologic advancements!

All was not lost as they both arrived home safely and with a few new fun and insightful stories to share.

Finally, we have to say a big thank you to all of the companies who booked on with us during February, some new names as well as some you may already recognise, without them what we do wouldn’t be possible. Thank You!  

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