Fast Track Opportunities in Refrigeration for the AFC

Star Refrigeration’s Push for Service Leavers in the Refrigeration Industry.

About Star Refrigeration:

BFRS shine a light on member Star Refrigeration the largest industrial refrigeration contractor in the UK who have over 50 years’ experience! Offering an extensive range of services provided throughout their UK wide branch network including consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation, service, maintenance, performance data monitoring and energy management of industrial refrigeration, heating and freezing and chilling systems. Star also offers spares, M&E and superb training services to the industry. Star Refridgeration experts have also been commended for their longstanding contribution to the industry and work in supporting the sector’s transition to net zero emissions.


Star Refrigeration are a forces friendly company with a superb UK wide fast track programme for Service Leavers and veterans looking for a transition from military life to a rewarding civilian career in industrial engineering. With ongoing and continuous progression for engineers and an enviable list of company benefits, this is one company that offers a great career path.

With refrigeration being such a varied and widespread piece of equipment across the UK, so many different sectors will need engineers to repair and upkeep their systems to ensure they can operate effectively. Here are just a few of the different types of businesses you could be working on:

  • Industrial Heating
  • District Heating
  • Petrochemical & Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical & Process
  • Data Centres
  • Leisure and Ice
  • HVAC
  • Brewing and Distilling
  • Dairy
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Freezing and Chilling
  • Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution


Fast-Track into Industrial Refrigeration:

Become an Industrial Refrigeration Engineer in 12 months with Star's fast-track training programme. Open to ex-military and mechanical, electrical, aeronautical and commercial refrigeration/air conditioning engineers, our programme is offered across the UK.

Star Refrigeration are a market leader in sustainable industrial refrigeration & heating technology, having introduced numerous industry-first innovations. Since 1970, the company has expanded into a diversified group of businesses offering maintenance, consultancy, mechanical & electrical, freezing and chilling and data monitoring services across a wide range of industries. Star’s award-winning team of engineers are widely recognised throughout the industry for their expertise and consulted by the world’s most reputable industry organisations, including UNEP’s Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Technical Committee and The British Standards Institute.


Fast-track engineers work full time whilst studying industrial refrigeration fundamentals and engineering best practices alongside qualified refrigeration engineers, an engineering mentor and a dedicated training team. From day one, engineers will be given a specialised development plan, tasks and projects that will support progression towards graduation over 12 months. Net Zero is becoming a priority, and cooling and heating have a major role to play. As part of the Star engineering team, you will significantly impact the company’s longstanding commitment to supporting the cold storage, food and drinks manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and leisure sectors’ transition towards a sustainable future.


This is an amazing opportunity for any service leaver who wants a fully rounded experience that’ll allow them to prosper within the refridgeration industry.


Read Jordan Fiddes resettlement story and why he chose Star’s Fast Track programme and the benefits it offered to transition to a civilian career with ease and confidence.


Jordan Fiddes Case Study, Fast Track Refrigeration Engineer

''I joined star with an NVQ level 2 in mechanical and electrical engineering, I feel working for star is massively helping me with my career development plan.''


After serving as a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy, where he learned about refrigeration and became fascinated by it, he decided to make a career change and joined Star's Fast Track into Industrial Refrigeration Engineering programme. Jordan found the transition easy as the structure to becoming an engineer in Star is similar to that of the Armed Forces and he feels supported in achieving his career development plan.


Before working with Star, you served in the Armed Forces. Can you tell us a bit about your role in the army?

I served in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer.


When and why did you decide it was time for a career transition?

The reason for the career change is that I wanted to develop a greater understanding of refrigeration and become an Industrial Refrigeration Engineer.


Being an engineer in the army/ navy/air forces is very different from what you are now doing at Star Refrigeration – how did this career move come about?

The structure of training as an engineer in Star is very similar to that of the armed forces, which was great for me as it made the move to civilian lifestyle a lot easier.


Had you always shown an interest in refrigeration?

When carrying out engineering training in the royal navy I touched on refrigerant and I found it fascinating, this is when I knew I wanted to be a part of the industry.


What skills were you able to carry over from your role in the army to your career with Star Refrigeration?

I joined star with an NVQ level 2 in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, I feel working for Star is massively helping me with my career development plan.

This opportunity is one you shouldn’t miss as the possibilities are endless with the variety of locations available and the flexible nature of the work means each day will be different from the last. So, what are you waiting for… click here to explore your future in the industrial refrigeration world.


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