Colas Rail Royal Navy Success Story

Colas Rail Royal Navy Success Story

Joel served in the Royal Navy as a Aircraft Engineering Technician for 13 years and now he works for BFRS partner Colas Rail as Head of Traction and Rolling Stock.

In this Q&A Joel shares how he landed success in his resettlement.


What do you think about BFRS and the services we provide?

There are a great many benefits in having a structured departure from what is potentially the only employment some individuals have had. The CV building/reviews, vast amount of targeted vacancies, and careers fairs are particularly helpful to those making steps into a civilian lifestyle.


Tell us about your own resettlement/transition experience.

My resettlement was supported through CV workshops and consultations with and education and resettlement professionals. While I had a strong inclination as to what I wanted for my next venture, I was better prepared because of the support afforded to me. I secured no fewer than 6 interviews and was offered employment on each occasion.

My opportunity with Colas Rail was forged through networking, something which was heavily advised as part of the transition phase. Colas Rail is a very open organisation and offered me a supervisory role despite a lack of rail industry experience, however, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain the role through a standard application and CV. I had to connect with the company beforehand to forge a basic relationship which identified the trust required to proceed after interview.


What advice would you give to the Armed Force Community about their transition journey?

I found I was offered lots of opportunities based on my military background, which is brilliant for those anxious about the possibility of future employment away from the armed forces. However, I was keen to break typecast, or stereotypes and I found the previously mentioned networking enabled me to identify a role and a company which was a perfect fit for me as an individual.

Everybody’s journey is different, and it is important you fully understand what it is you want for yourself. As I have explained, there will be companies who pursue you for your background alone, but you will find they may not fit your personal wants and needs. If you find that you have some very specific targets or requirements for your next role, you are best off putting the work into networking - meeting company representatives and recruiters. Do not rely on your CV alone.


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