Colas Rail - Platoon Commander to Construction Manager

Colas Rail - Army Platoon Commander to Construction Manager 

Dan serves as a Reservist in the as a Army Platoon Commander and is also a Construction Manager for BFRS members, Colas Rail. In this Q&A, Dan gives an insight in to how Colas Rail support him and his military lifestyle. 


What do you think about BFRS and the services we provide?

The services provided seem like a welcome and helpful system to enable a good quality of life beyond regular service.


Tell us how you feel about your own resettlement/transition experience?

As a Reservist, it is a pleasure and honour to serve my country whilst also carrying out a civilian career.


What advice would you give to the Armed Force Community about their transition journey?

As a reservist this was never a direct concern for me, but a good friend is completing the resettlement/transition journey now, and the best advice I have learnt from them is to ensure you explore and develop your military skills and apply them for future civilian employers.

The Army prepares you in an abstract way for a very specific role, but you have the best foundation for planning, organisation and management roles and you should take no shame in expressing your own worth!


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