Apprenticeships With BFRS

Learning On The Job With BFRS

At BFRS we champion apprenticeships and they have always been an integral part of our company employment ethos. As a socially responsible business it has always been extremely important for us to be able to share our knowledge and skills with the next generation of the workforce. We see apprenticeships as a way of helping shape young talent and allowing them to explore their true potential.

We view our apprentice’s as valued employees and take pride in the way we nurture and educate so that they can obtain a fully rounded, hands on experience. From learning about the Armed Forces Community and attending events, to drafting Press Release’s we really do offer our apprentices a wide scope.

At BFRS we employ a diverse team of people of varying ages and backgrounds. This allows our apprentices to interact, learn and work together with people with a wide range of skill sets offering them a broad experience. From business administration to marketing our office offers opportunities for a variety of career paths that are forever evolving to allow for new opportunities to grow.


As for why we believe in apprenticeships, here are a few words from BFRS COO Neil Dean:

“We decided early on, that in addition to supporting the AFC that we wanted to support young people into the workplace.  We wanted to support, encourage, and help them learn, by empowering them through apprenticeships.  Apprentices have been a continuing constant, at BFRS, their difference in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and backgrounds, have enhanced our connections with our clients and our members.  Apprentices are valuable assets that have helped shape BFRS as a successful SE, ensuring BFRS continues to provide the right help, support, and advice to the AFC.”


It's support like this that truly allows these young people to flourish in a professional environment, having those people to guide you in the right direction! This is seen ten-fold with two of our employees, Leah Farmer and Matthew Cart who both successfully passed their NVQ’s, in December 2022 and January 2023 respectively, and are now fully employed members of the BFRS team.


Leah, who was a business administration apprentice, had this to say:

“I joined BFRS August 2021, at the time I was 18 years of age and saw the opportunity to join BFRS as a business administration apprentice, the job involved going along to the recruitment events and networking with exhibitors and attendees. My biggest struggle at the time was my confidence so I thought this would be a way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and working to my full potential. I am now Engagement Business Administrator and work alongside our engagement team talking to the Armed Forces Community (AFC). What I have most enjoyed working with BFRS, IS being able to use my skills and abilities in my job role and at our events. I learn more about the AFC every day!”


BFRS success with apprenticeships are proof that they work and are a great opportunity for young people to jump into the working world.

Looking to the future we currently have two marketing apprentices working towards their qualifications, Matthew Graham and Arwen Tidy. They joined at a time when BFRS were expanding and re shaping their marketing department and they have both really proven to be superb and enthusiastic members of the team .


Matthew G has this to share about his experience:

“I worked in retail for 5 years from the age of 16 and one day I woke up and realised I didn’t want to be stacking shelves the rest of my life and due to me deciding to work full time instead of completing my A-levels I knew I needed to get a qualification. So, I took the leap and decided to make a career change and I don’t regret it for a second! Despite being slightly older than the usual apprentice age BFRS didn’t see that as a negative and embraced me and my experience fully. Now I have found a role that I can be proud of, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.”


Arwen continues with…

“I joined BFRS as an apprentice in November 2022. I wanted to learn more about marketing whilst doing the actual job. I wanted to join a company that made a difference and was working towards a more positive and inclusive world. My favourite part of my apprenticeship would have to be my supportive colleagues and the great work environment BFRS has to offer which inspires me and helps me create the work I do today.”


It’s amazing to see so many young people be proud of the choice they made to become an apprentice and all of the positive things that have come from that.

We believe more people, no matter your age, should consider an apprenticeship because being able to learn a new skill or career sector is an experience like no other and can really open your mind to new possibilities.


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