Aldi Increases Their Opportunities

Advancements At Aldi UK

Aldi UK are making great improvements across their vacancies by not only aiming to increase the number of roles they have throughout 2023 but raising the wages of their entry level roles, which is simply incredible! In the current cost of living crisis it is more important than ever to ensure that you are able to support yourself and your family and, although it may be a taboo topic people don’t talk about, pay is a huge part of that.


Everything you need to know about a career in an Aldi store.

“We’re wonderfully different at Aldi. We do things our way. You won’t find our stores full of Assistants waiting to be told what to do. Managers aren’t hiding away in the back office. And our Caretakers take real care over their work. It can be tough, but we support each other. And we always make sure that the customer leaves smiling. It’s why we’re one of the world’s fastest-growing retailers. And why we’ve won so many awards for being such a great place to work, including ‘Employer of the Year’ at The Grocer Gold Awards 2017.”


What kind of roles are there in the Logistic sector?

Aldi have nine Regional Head Offices across the UK and two in Ireland. Within each one there is a Regional Distribution Centre, made up of three key areas: Transport, Warehouse and Maintenance. These work together to provide their stores with a world-class service.


Who They’re Looking For in Head Office!

“Let’s see where your skills lie. Do you love seeing how customers shop online? Are you keen to get award-winning products in the right stores at the right time? We’re sure you’ll find the perfect home for your fabulous skills. But whichever area you join, we will say this: there is an ‘Aldi type’. The thing you’ll find about Aldi people is that we really care about what we do. It means we go out of our way to do our absolute best - whether that’s for our customers or each other.”


So, if you want to take things easy and like to stretch one bit of work across the whole day, they’re probably not for you. But if you’re ready to make brave decisions, influence the people around you and spot ways to make things happen quicker, smarter and more efficiently, their doors are open wide.

Here are some words from Aldi about their announcement:


“As our growth continues and new stores pop up around the UK, we are looking to hire even more friendly, passionate, and motivated people to join #TeamAldi in our Stores and Logistics Teams across the country. And it’s not just our announcements that are big… our pay packets are too!”

“Store Assistants will receive a starting salary of £11.00 p/h nationally, and £12.45 p/h within the M25 and Selectors will receive a minimum starting salary of £13.18 p/h.”


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